Many Liver Transplant recipients are interested in sharing any side-effects or symptoms that they experience post-transplant with other recipients.  For example, there is some interest in how many people feel the cold differently post-transplant.  Here are some symptoms or side-effects that have been shared so far.  Some are short-term, and some are longer term.

#18, Male, Born 1955

  • Eyesight changes, i.e. cataracts.  Sore abdominal muscles, night sweats, short-term memory loss, lack of concentration, bad migraines on a regular basis, depression.

  • Symptoms are not severe apart from the migraines.

#27 Male, Born 1943

  • Sore, tight abdominal muscles, restricting breathing, caused by adhesions and neuromas1.

  • Dizziness, vertigo. Annoying but not severe.

  • Cramps, mostly in hands, legs and feet.

  • Problems with keeping warm.

    1 Bundles of sensitive nerves under pressure at the scar site.

#31, Male, Born 1944

  • Cataracts on eye, tight abdominal muscles, Diarrhea (cyclic).  Tiredness, especially from physical effort.  Memory loss.

  • None of the symptoms are too severe.  Feel good and am enjoying life.

#54, Female, Born 1954

  • Eyesight changes, upset stomach - vomiting, Diarrhea and migraine.  Weight loss, weakness, feeling the cold.  Depression.  Back cramps.  

  • The symptoms are pretty severe in all cases.

#62, Female, Born 1966

  • Diarrhea for over two weeks, immediately post-transplant, along with extremely "full" feeling in abdomen.

  • Dizziness, vertigo. Coming from right ear, and lasted about 6 weeks.  Started about 6 weeks post-transplant.  Caused some nausea and vomiting.

  • Liver felt too big for its new home, for first six weeks post-transplant.  Feeling that it would burst out of the scar.

  • "Tacrolimus" shakes ('Tac Tremors') for first two months.  Handwriting was normal again after two-three months.

  • Feel really excellent, no infection and no rejection episodes!