We want to share our experiences with you, whether you are waiting for a liver transplant, have already had a liver transplant, or perhaps want to increase your understanding of the gift of life that is organ donation.

Our Experiences

  • Can you believe that Roger was playing competitive pool games, 11 days after his liver transplant!  Find out here if he won the competition.  (May 2001)
  • Read Pam's story "Dancing through Life with a new Liver" as she tells how marvellous she feels now, 18 months post-transplant.  (April 2001)
  • Oliver is a young transplantee, who did a school assignment while in hospital in 2000.  This was to produce a newspaper's front page.  He did this on topics relating to Liver Transplantation.  Have a look!  (Slow loading images)  In January 2001 Oliver was also featured in the NZ Herald.  Check this here!  (March 2001)
  • Valerie and David.  Mother and son both had transplants for the same disease.  You may have seen Valerie's story in the Unichem Medical File, August 2000. (Written February 2001)
  • Here is Wayne's story.  He was transplanted in Brisbane, before the New Zealand Liver Transplant Unit was opened.  (Written November 2000)