Now and the Future

I returned to University in February 2001 to complete my Graduate Diploma of Business (Information Systems) at Auckland University, at the same time as continuing the nebulised Iloprost and Prednisone along with other drugs.  By March the Iloprost and Prednisone had stopped (6 months post-transplant) and I am now on 4mg of Tacrolimus (immune-suppression) at 9:15am and 9:15pm and Cartia (Aspirin - to stop bloodclots).  In late May 2001 I was asked by Butterworths (LexisNexis Butterworths now) to write a book called "E-Research for New Zealand Lawyers".  I did this with the huge assistance of Kylie, who typed it, and we had the manuscript in Wellington by the 1st August 2001 as required.  On the 13th August (1 year post-transplant) I returned to full-time work, as Knowledge Management Advisor to Simpson Grierson.  In September I graduated at the Auckland Town Hall with my Business Diploma, another milestone.  During my post-transplant recuperation I also established this website, with the awesome assistance of John, Transplant #27, and it is a work in progress that we are very committed to.  I have also established and produced a newsletter for Liver Transplant Recipients in New Zealand called "Hepatic Happenings".

I aim to return to as normal a life as possible.  Unlike other Liver Transplant recipients, I am more fortunate in that never having had a good liver, I feel better than I ever have in my life, and I look forward to being able to accomplish more that I have in the past.  Sadly, after sticking by me all through my 'nightmare' time, Ivor decided once I was better and wanting to start picking up the threads of normal life, that he would be better off concentrating on his own endeavors - I can understand that he needed to find his life again, after putting it on hold for almost a year, however it certainly made the recuperation time (2001) a lonely period.  The highlight of 2002 will be going to Europe for four weeks, which is my proof to me and my family that I have returned to a full normal life.  I am looking forward tremendously to revisiting many friends in Switzerland and Germany.

I think of my donor and their family everyday - THANK YOU for giving me life.



Sadly Bethli passed away on 25 December 2010.  Leaving this website and her story for all to read.